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Morten og Simon går pro SC2 Wed, 14, Mar 2012, 23:13
Ja. Morten og jeg har besluttet at dedikere vores liv til Starcraft og koreanere. Thats it.

Sentinel -

Quake 4?
Who says the little green sm00's aren't gonna play Quake 4? :P

/Sentinel OUT!

Sentinel -

The recomming?
What might seem as a dead HP might be a forthcomming revival. Look out for those elves on the tdm-servers during the upcomming school holiday. (You might just be lucky.)

Sentinel -

We'll be back
just ask mbp

Monnok -

The Little Green Elves are no more. Thu, 24, Jan 2002, 21:34
Well, what most of you propably have been expecting for some time now has finally happened. The remaining 'oldschool' members of LGE (and the former CL, loststar/mbp) have decided to shut down Little Green Elves. This is a very hard news for me to post, since I've always believed that LGE would be forever, nomatter what. (I've been an Elve for 1year and 236days now..) We are proud to say that we are (have been) one of the longest excistant clans in Denmark, with our 2years and 27days. (757days all-in-all.)I Myself am an inactive player, and have been for almost half a year now (due to highschool..) but still, i have managed to see Little Green Elves putting out a better fight that ever.
Our main reason for shutting down the clan, has been the recent inactivity from clan members, and ofcourse, the large loss of players in our ranks. We believe that it is better to shut the clan down now, than see it become a total waste with no activity what so ever.
We have decided to leave this homepage up and running (with an occasional update perhaps..) as a memorial mark of what has been done within these ranks. I must admit that a little tear ran down my cheek this evening when our decision to shutdown Little Green Elves became final.

We will ofcourse still be contactable at our irc channel #lge so please come' keep us company :)

The Little Green Elves - You will always be in my heart.

k -

Psyquan Leaves Mon, 14, Jan 2002, 11:32
Well.. same story here...

After my "no net" break, the clan has been kinda "ultra inactive".

No CWs

Well, ggs all

Psyquan -

klask leaves Mon, 14, Jan 2002, 10:42
Sad to say, but I am leaving as well. Have not got the time to play q3 'on a serious level' anymore. here i come :)

gg's all

klask -

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