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Elves? wtf?
Little Green Elves was originally founded by FragKid and LostStar on the 28th December, 1999. The idea came up at a little LAN. The name of the clan was just a mixup of silly ideas, but in the end it did become, what we know it as today, Little Green Elves :) The clan has grown bigger since, and includes of bunch of cool guys - our main purpose is to have fun playing quake, of course, while kicking ass :)

As mentioned, Little Green Elves, was originally founded, to have a clan just for fun. And we still set this at a top priority, the clan has some leaders, but the clan in it's whole is democratic - everyone is equal. The leaders are just there for taking responsibility for the clans actions.

You can visit us on Quakenet, at #lge - this is where we idle :)

The Official E FAQ
Who the hell are you guys?
We're a bunch of people (including two girls, as of writing), who loves Quake and have lots of other interests in common. We live mainly in Denmark, with members living in Copenhagen, rhus, Herning, Horsens and even Vive. (sorry if I forgot some).

Didn't you take this whole FAQ idea from the Vikings and Aestus page?
We did actually.

Why the fuck do you use so much time on Quake and IRC?
Quake is our game. IRC is our addiction.

Is LGE currently competing in any sorts of tournaments?
Yes, we're playing in the DQL, the Danish Quake League. Right now, we're in Division B of their Quake3 LPB roster.

What are you ambitions?
To have a great time, getting to know new people through Quake and IRC and lots more (depending on each elve).

What about tournaments?
We do our best, but we play to have a great time mainly.

Can't you guys spell? It's elf, not Elve.

Why don't you guys play xxxx game?
If we don't play it, it's because it sucks.

If I wanted, how could I contact you guys?
Well, for starters you could try #lge on Quakenet, if you don't know what this means, then refer to this page for some IRC help. Of course you can also e-mail us, check out the elves page on this site.

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